Evaluating Annuities as Investments

Annuities can invest in a portfolio of equities and funds (variable—with a higher payout potential, due to higher risk) or track the performance of the market in general or key market segments (indexed annuities)—whether one of those options is right for you depends on your risk tolerance and your long-term goals. Read more on the following pages.

Annuities can provide a stream of investment available from day one (immediate) or at a later date (deferred annuities). They can be part of an estate planning strategy and provide a stream of income for heirs or dependents. And various options can be purchased such as living benefits or death benefits that can pay over the value of the policy, depending upon what option is chosen—and paid for.

Are Annuities For You?

Annuities are not for everyone but can be a solid part of an investment portfolio. If you are considering the purchase of any type of annuity, talk to your investment adviser and compare options from different types of companies. Not all annuities are created equally! Insurance companies, in fact, compete with each other in terms of price, guarantees, and benefits—so determine what is most important for your portfolio and your needs, and chose the option that best fits in with your long-term goals.